The Terry Pratchett Diary 2017. Terry Pratchett and Friends – Terry Pratchett

Целогодишен дневник, с които почитаме живота и творчеството на великия сър Тери Пратчет. Принос в дневника имат Нийл Геймън, А. С .Байът, Стивън Бакстър и много други.

С предговор от дъщерята на писателя, Риана Пратчет и послеслов от дългогодишния му приятел Роб Уликинс.

A perennial diary celebrating the life and career of the great Sir Terry Pratchett.

Sir Terry Pratchett left us, far too early, in March 2015. To celebrate his life and works, we’ve given over the 2017 Discworld Diary – which will be a perennial diary – to remembrances and tributes from some of those who knew and loved him and his extraordinary body of work. Contributors include Neil Gaiman, A S Byatt, Terry Pratchett’s literary agent Colin Smythe, co-author of the Long Earth books Stephen Baxter, famed bookseller Rog Peyton, and many more.

With an introduction from his daughter Rhianna Pratchett and an afterword from longtime friend and colleague Rob Wilkins.

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