Тhe science and education at the beginning of the 21st century in Turkey – Колектив

Тhe science and education at the beginning of the 21st century in Turkey

As in many domains of our everyday life, the new Technologies influencealso the educational world. One of the revolutionary technologies in themathematics education is the dynamic geometry with its dynamic aspect.The dynamic geometry joins within the framework of the Computing Envi-ronments for the Human Learning, which, in the widest sense, are artifactsbuilt in the interaction of a didactic intention and a computing environment.Within the Computing Environments for the Human Learning, the dynamicgeometry is a particular dispositive, of type micro-world, unlikely the intelli-gent tutor for example (Martin, 2010).Dynamic geometry softwares allow learning about the scientific approachby constructions, tries and animations, to give meaning to the studied no-tions and to develop mental images at the students (Amiot, 2007). With dy-namic geometry softwares, drawings are built in the screen from two possi-ble types of primitives:(1) Primitives of pure drawing: it is about elementary geometrical objects(point, line, circle, intersection point…)(2) Geometrical primitives: they allow the construction of new geometricalobjects depending of the other objects by geometrical relations (midpoint,perpendicular bisector, parallel line…).Dynamic geometry softwares allow obtaining numerous representatives of the same figure by dragging the free elements of one of its representatives.The drawing deforms by preserving the geometrical properties which servedto build it and those who ensue from it in an Euclidian geometry. However, if a drawing was realized by means of primitives of pure drawing

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