The Pentagram – английски език – Беинса Дуно

The Pentagram – английски език

The Master Petar Danov
(Beinsa Dunov)

In the notebooks og the Great Spiritual Teacher Petar Konstantinov Danov (also known as the Master Binsa Douno) dated 1897-1900 there were various symbols related to the Pentagram – letters, images, and drawnings: a candlestick, rainbow, cross, and pentacle sketches. In a letter to his disciple Penyu Kirov the Master mentioned similiar symbols, such as letters, a tube, unsheated knife, the image of Christ, and others which he had observed appearing in the sky on August 20, 1899. In their correspondence from 1898 to 1917 they discussed the virtues corresponding to these symbols. At the spiritual gatherings in Veliko Tarnovo (1910-1922) Beinsa Duno explained the meaning of some of these symbols.

"One should use the Pentagram to work for the Glory of God."
"When used in the proper way, the Pentagram is a source of bounties and blessings."
"If you want to apply your power well, you need to choose to serve God forever."

Автор: Беинса Дуно Език: Английски
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