New Dimensions of Religiosity – Мария Серафимова

New Dimensions of Religiosity

In traditional societies, the individual exists only as far as taking its place in a group, a place that is often destined from birth in a social hierarchy. It is governed by the collective beliefs, rules and norms shared by all present that are not in dispute, because they come "from above" – transcendence based on social connections and "pre" – mythical past and valuable.

The modern man of the XXI-the century chooses his preferred beliefs and values ​​in a pluralistic world, where conflicting values co-exist and are subject to the critique of reason. The past is no longer a perfect world, which regulates things. It is an imperfect world and the subject of dispute.

Perhaps one of the greatest ironies of our postmodern world is that we have more capacity for communication than any other time in the history of humanity and yet, there is a widespread feeling of disconnection. We are preoccupied with distractions while at the same time being imbued with a stark feeling of loneliness.

In the postmodern culture, individuals look for ways to orient their worlds. They find themselves amidst a sea of chaotic relativity and have a greater need to bring meaning to their lives. In such a situation, ascertainments like – "God is dead", "Post-Christianity", "The end of dreams" unexpectedly turn out to be accompanied by a certain "invisible" religiosity, which penetrates throughout the so-called secular societies. Because of this the existence of societies is impossible without religions – neither authentic, nor the so-called "earthly", civil or laic religions…

Автор: Мария Серафимова Категория: Висше образование; Специализирана литература
Издател: Югозападен университет "Неофит Рилски"
Дата на издаване: 2011 г. Брой страници: 184
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