Independent economic development of Azerbaijan in the past twenty years – Колектив

Independent economic development of Azerbaijan in the past twenty years

This Book is devoted to the analysis of independent economic development of Azerbaijan in the past twenty years.It outlines the difficulties suffered by the republic in the early years of independence and the economic policy pursued to overcome the grave situation.Although historically it is a short period,nevertheless,the economic situation in the country has radically changed for better in the past 20 years.
The analysis proved that the economic boom was mainly based on the long-term economic development strategy developed and implemented into life by the government of the country.The steep increase in the key economic indicators of the republic in the last decade is a vivid example of the said.
From this standpoint,numerous tables,pictures,charts and statistical reports in the Book visually demonstrate the progress in economy.The authors of the Book have studied the economic development of the republic from the point of view of sectors and territory.The focus is made on its leading sectors.The analysis mainly concentrates of defining the role of oil and non-oil sectors in the economic development of the republic.The investment policy of the country and the growth of the significance of domestic investments have naturally been under study,too.
Macroeconomic development has stimulated the socio-economic development in the regions of the country.This issue has been analyzed in detail in the chapter devoted to the regional development.Despite the development of entrepreneurship in the regions,the imbalance existing for many years has not been removed yet.The table compiled by the authors demonstrate differences in the incomes and expenses in the regions.
The Book is designed for experts in economy,politicians,persons engaged in management,business and others,including university teachers,research fellows,MA and BA students.

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