Fascinating Insects. Some Aspects of Insect Life – Alexey Jalov, Pierre Jolivet

This book highlights the very successful and much diversified group of organisms, the insects, and deals with some interesting aspects of insect life, which are often ignored in entomology textbooks. There are chapters on ants making "slaves;" insect migrations; chemical defence strategies; parental care and love; AIDS and insects; killer bees; and intelligence. The book also includes first-hand experiences of the great traveller-naturalist Prof. P. Jolivet, who narrates the re-emergence of the 17-year-cycle cicada in the USA in May 2004; the occurrence of insects on the great tepuys of Venezuela; marching of army ants in the tropical Africa; and much more. Pierre Jolivet, D.Sc., has written many research papers and books on the beetle family Chrysomelidae.
Автор Pierre Jolivet, Alexey Jalov
Издателство Пенсофт
ISBN 9546422428
Година на издаване 2005