English for Medicine – Анета Докова, Валентина Ангелова, Светла Трендафилова


English for Medicine is a course for students with B1 level of English and above according to CEF. It is primarily aimed at students of medicine at university level in Bulgaria but is also appropriate for trainee and practising doctors who need to use the language more effectively at work and want to refresh their medical English. The coursebook can be used selectively as supplementary material by students of dental medicine, pharmacy, midwifery, nursing, etc. who would like to extend their vocabulary and reinforce the grammar they know in English by working on texts and contexts directly related to the medical profession. The textbook consists of 12 units organized around topics of immediate relevance and interest to medical students and practitioners and offers 60 to 90 contact hours of work. It contains a wide range of activities developing the receptive and productive psycholinguistic skills and strategies: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The tasks allow students to enrich their vocabulary in English as well as recycle and consolidate grammar typical for medical contexts. Along with the communication skills the book caters for students’ academic skills as well, and special emphasis has been placed on developing and improving study skills. The authors have a long experience of teaching medical English and ELT methodology and for a few years have piloted the coursebook with students of medicine.
Автор Анета Докова, Светла Трендафилова, Валентина Ангелова
Издателство Стено
ISBN 954-449-426-1
Корица Мека корица
Страници 176

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