Bulgaria-history retold in brief – Борислав Гаврилов


Bulgaria-history retold in brief

Intriguing an competently written the book manifests tolerant dignity with wich the bearers participate in building the modern united world. (On English language)
The book is the work of scolars with reputation in the scolarly community in and outside Bulgaria owing to their new aproach to the history of the Bulgarians and of Bulgaria. The people, statehood and culture are not treated as romantic experience of the past but are situated in the context of European civilization and measured against their historical counterparts in all ages.

Автор: Борислав Гаврилов Език: Английски
Категория: История и археология Тегло: 0.320 кг.
Баркод: 9789548440219
Издател: Рива ISBN: 9789548440219
Брой страници: 160

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